Friday, February 20, 2009

More Than Food

I tried to rename my blog baby. I thought it would give me a new, fresh start in a new, fresh direction. Instead, all I could find was a growing annoyance with the overuse of "stillness" in the new title and a growing desire to crawl back to my old blog name, "Deetsa's Diningroom", and beg its forgiveness.

My partner, The Frog, agreed with me. He pointed out that I had narrowed my vision about dining rooms. He said that there was more to a dining room than the food on the table. He pointed out the good friends who gathered there and the endless topics of discussion one has in the process of eating. I have to admit, a number of great discussions have started while dining, conversations that run the gamut from skipping rhymes to Alaskan history.

I wandered away only to find that what I needed had always been right there. Forgive me for taking so long to realize it, dear continuing (and new) readers.


Christine said...

BIG sigh of relief here. I was all for you changing your blog to be the thing that made you happy enough to share your life with us. From Stillness to Stillness was an idea you had to try. Then when you didn't write since Dec. 31st, I got worried. I love the name Deetsa's Diningroom and I agree with the Frog that a dining room, often the heart of the home, is much much more than the food that is served on it. Your header photo has a lovely, golden light that reminds me of candles on the dining room table. It's perfect.
BTW: your CANada post brought tears to my eyes.

Deetsa said...

Thanks for your support, Christine. I feel a bit silly, like a prodigal child. No other way to learn, though, I guess.
The header photo is actually a photoshop'd picture of the view from my diningroom window.

Glad you liked the CANada post. The last portion of the post had been pressing on my mind for a while and I finally found the story vehicle for it.

Zoomie said...

Nerissa, I'm glad you found a voice for your ideas. Welcome back.

Deetsa said...

Thanks Zoomie :)